Who are YOU? Who am I?

Welcome, welcome.

I’m so pleased to have you here.

No, I really am.

Because I know you, small business owner, are ridiculously busy.

Every day, I watch and listen to people like you.  (Sounds creepy).

Friends, friends of friends, random strangers in FB groups.   And I’m blown away impressed.  These days everyone has got it going on!  So many inspirational businesses starting up, and so much potential to grow.

Products, services – all things I get very jealous about wishing I’d thought of that.

But then I hear this –

“I’ve started up my business selling XXXXXX.  I’ve got my website, and my social pages.  How do I get more customers? How do I get more sales?  What can I do better?”

And it makes me sad.

You are smart. You have likely navigated a career in something impressive.  No doubt you are brilliant at something.

So why are you jumping out of a plane without a parachute?  Driving a car with a blindfold?

Strategy is a dirty word.  It took me many years to actually really understand what it MEANT.

I don’t think that makes me thick.  I think I just had to make it relevant to me, first of all.

Strategy is simply a plan.

Does your brand have a plan?  Does your marketing have a plan?


Well lucky you’re here then!


online marketing for small businessYou know what I’ve always been bloody good at?  Poking my nose in other people’s business and offering advice.  Solutions. Call it what you will.

The truth is, I can’t help it.  If someone has a problem, I’ve just got to help them fix it. Inspire them to see a different way.  Find clarity.  Workshop options.

It’s in my nature.

Luckily then, I found a career that’s all about the problems.   It’s called ADVERTISING.

Seriously, advertising is just one big melting pot of problems.  You only get to see the shiny finished product.  What you NEVER see (and count your lucky stars) is the bloodbath that goes on behind the curtain.

Every day is a new problem – whether it’s presented to you by a client, a creative, a producer – even the barista who’s run out of soy milk.

And as what’s known affectionately as ‘a suit’ (or not as the more common case may be) – it was my job to bring all the people together, to make the plan, to solve the problem.

That is what gives me my edge.

I can read a problem like nobody’s business.

I can analyse, assess and work out an action plan in less time than it takes to send an email.

And I THRIVE on the adrenalin.

Coupled with that – I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the best brains in the industry.  Be they branding experts, creative copywriters, designers, producers – you name it, I’ve touched it.

So most importantly – how can I help you?

You’ll get to wholeheartedly take advantage of:

  • 12 + blood-sweat-and-tears years I’ve spent figuring out this industry
  • My passion for problem solving
  • My superb project management skills
  • My experience working with some of the biggest heavy hitters in the industry – creative, branding, strategy – you name it, I’ve got them in my phone book
  • An insider’s understanding of how some of the biggest brands in the world, advertise and market themselves

So what are you waiting for?  I’d love to have a chat and find out how I can help you.


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