A Basic Social Media Strategy That Every Small Business Needs

What's your relationship with social media? Perhaps you've been struggling with what to post? You post regularly, but you're not sure what you're doing is what you SHOULD be doing. Or perhaps you haven't even started yet. Whatever your situation, I've got you covered.   Here are six simple steps you can action to set a basic social media strategy for your business - leaving you more time to spend on those areas of your business that actually make you money! 1. Understand the role that Social Media plays for your business  Pretty pictures and Boomerang videos aside - social media is just another marketing channel - and you need to understand how to best use it to add value to your business (always be adding value!) Think of social media as a chance for you to build a relationship with your ideal customer. You're not restricted to 'sales' messages. Instead, it's your opportunity to tell the story - the whole story - of your business.  There's no better way for your customers to get to know your brand, to trust, and actually like you.  And then, buy from you! You also need to make sure you're clear on your objectives, before [...]