If you’re a small business who’s lost with what to do in the world of marketing, then it’s a good thing you found me.

Know that you should doing more work ON your business, vs IN your business?

Feel like you are bouncing from one idea to another, with not much of a plan in place?  

Want to do everything, but just don’t know how to prioritise your time?

Does everything just seem overwhelming?


 How immense is the feeling of relief, when you can hand over the reins to someone you TRUST to help you get the job done.  

What if you could have someone in your corner, helping you create a plan of attack so you can move forward?  

Someone who can take an outside view, and see the full journey you need to take – and break it down into basic steps you can understand.

Someone who’s there to support and motivate you every step of the way.  

How do we work together?

  • We’ll define your business challenge and the outcomes required

  • We’ll work out your personal and professional capabilities, so we know what is required to get the best results from you and your business

  • Scope out a plan that will get you from Point A (where you are currently) to Point Z (desired outcome)

  • Break this down into basic, actionable steps with clear results

  • I’ll motivate, inspire and hold you accountable!

The best part of working with Better With Rice?  You’ll feel confident and assured that your brand and marketing is on the right track.  Here’s just some of the things we’ll look at:


HELLO!  I’m Lou Rice, owner of Better With Rice.

I’m your Brand Motivator, for when you just need to Get Shit Done,  but feel like you’re not sure where to start / what to do next.

I’m so much more than a brand strategist.  I’m your best friend, hustler, and ass-kicker combined.

My clear focus is on taking everything back to the basics.   Looking at what needs doing, and working out a plan with you to get it done.  

Why me?

I’ve cut my teeth on the advertising industry for the last 13 years.  I’ve worked with some of the world’s leading brands, and some of the most esteemed agency talent – creatives, brand strategists, producers – in the industry.

And now I want to share all of that knowledge, all of those skills, with you.  In basic, no frills language so you can understand not only the WHAT, but the WHY.

You’ll get to wholeheartedly take advantage of:  

  • My passion for problem solving

    My superb project management skills

  • My ability to think several steps ahead of the curve, to see the bigger picture

  • An insider’s understanding of how some of the biggest brands in the world advertise and market themselves

Online Marketing for small business
I really enjoyed working with Lou – she is extremely professional and was able to manage all the behind the scenes complexities of developing and producing a website, taking the stress away from me.

Her knowledge base was of a high standard and any questions I had were answered promptly with a solution.

Lou’s experience with numerous big brands and within high performing advertising agencies also means she is able to offer invaluable brand and communication advice.

Bec Williams, Owner, The You Project
“I owned a company where my job was to create beautiful brand imagery for my clients – I thought that’s what branding was. Then I found myself in a position to own my own brand. We engaged Lou and one of our first projects was creating the Brand Bible.

Arrogantly throughout the process, I was thinking – “I know all this stuff – what is this going to do – I just have to make money, and this seems a bit waffly to me.” But what I realised going through this process, is that most of the information sat somewhere in my head and I had no professional way to communicate it. The Brand Bible helped solidify this. I now use it daily, in partnership engagements and pitches, and with employees and suppliers. It is my core document for consistently spreading vision.

Brie Stevenson, Founder, ANTHEIA BEAUTY

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